Beasts of Balance from Sensible Object
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Battle Cards Expansion Pack


Make Beasts of Balance BATTLES MODE even more intense with these 16 digitally enhanced BATTLE CARDS and Smite’, ‘Hex’ and ‘Nope’ the opposition!

In Battles mode 2-3 players take on the role of Guardians of a single region: Land, Sea or Air. The goal is to fill your region with powerful Beasts while stealing and destroying your opponents'. For players who want to ratchet up the competition, intensity and strategy even more, the Battle Cards expansion pack contains 16 augmented reality Battle Cards, which use the same NFC technology as the physical game pieces, and give players the opportunity to rain a host of hurt on their opponents as they battle for dominance. Each card contains a unique, tactical attack or defence ability that can dramatically turn the tide or even the odds!

When Battle Cards enabled each player wields a hand of cards, allowing them to invoke a whole host of weird and wonderful effects when played. Some are focused on attack, some aid defence, and others manifest in much more surprising ways!

PLEASE NOTE***Your smart device must meet the minimum requirements in order to use the Beasts of Balance app. Minimum requirements: iOS 10.0 (or above) or Android 5.1 (or above), Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy/Smart protocol, 1GB+ RAM (recommended).