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Beasts of Balance: Core Edition



Jenga meets Pokémon in this challenging and fun family game for 1-5 players. Build balancing towers and fabulous worlds in this award-winning game of skill, strategy and creation. Play together to stack magical Artefacts and watch as they evolve your world on a connected digital device. But take care… the world ends when the tower falls!

The goal is simple: build the tallest tower you can and fill your digital world with the most fabulous beasts possible. But the strategy, suspense and endlessly creative possibilities make Beasts of Balance far from simple.

Beasts of Balance comes with 24 beautifully sculpted pieces, a special sensing platform and a free iOS or Android app. Each turn, a player touches their chosen Artefact to the platform, watches it magically appear on the Bluetooth-connected tablet and then adds the piece to the tower. Each subsequent piece either creates, enhances or evolves the amazing beasts that live in the connected digital world. Combine dexterity with imagination and discover hundreds of different creatures.

Beasts of Balance is a thrilling game that encourages cooperation and innovation for the whole family. Discover hundreds of ways to beat your highest score and create new, undiscovered beasts.

Download the free Beasts of Balance app from the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store onto your Android or iOS tablet or smartphone, Kindle Fire or Apple TV (device not included). Recommended for players of all ages from 6 and up. The sensing platform requires 3 AA batteries (not supplied), est. 30 hrs battery life.

“Seriously fun...irresistible personality...gorgeous to look at...gripping to play” Tabletop Gaming

“Infusing molded plastic with storylines and magic, this game shows what’s possible when you pair toys and tech” Time

“The wildly inventive, gloriously addictive game which essentially reimagines Jenga for the iPhone generation” Independent


PLEASE NOTE***Your smart device must meet the minimum requirements in order to use the Beasts of Balance app. Minimum requirements: iOS 10.0 (or above) or Android 5.1 (or above), Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy/Smart protocol, 1GB+ RAM (recommended)

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